Honest Crow Studios


Honest Crow Studios is an audio, music and media production facility, located on the gorgeous coastline of the Central Coast of NSW, Australia - just 1 hour north of Sydney. 


Our professional services cover all aspects of audio and music production led by a hard-working small team of content creators with over 18 years experience in the sound and music production industry. We particularly work hard to meet client's needs and won't rest until they are satisfied!


The studio boasts a melding of both analog and digital equipment with a modified 1978 AMEK M2000/M2500 mixing console as the centrepiece. Click here for a full equipment list. 

If you're after personalised service and a relaxed working environment for your next project (1 min to the beach, local cafes..) then let's chat. We'd be happy to give you some ideas and help tailor a solution that fits your specific needs and budget.

Control Room
Control Room
Umina Beach 1
Umina Beach 1

credit: Imagery By Lee/Leanne Curby

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Time Machine
Time Machine
Fender, Royer & 57
Fender, Royer & 57
Across the Amek
Across the Amek
Umina Beach 2
Umina Beach 2

credit: Imagery By Lee/Leanne Curby

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Yamaha, Fender, Moody Valve Amps
Yamaha, Fender, Moody Valve Amps
Control Room view to Iso Booth1
Control Room view to Iso Booth1



  • Audio Post Production Mixing & Sound Design for Film/TV

  • Music Production Services - Artist Development, Composing, Arranging, Recording/Mixing/Mastering, Session Tracks

  • Music Recording & Mixing (including E-Mixing via files sent) 

  • Voiceover Services - Narration, Character Voice, Commercial Voiceover, Podcast Production

  • Brand & Marketing Campaigns - Let us produce your next radio spot or record your next voiceover!


If you have a specific need in mind, please feel free to reach out and ask. 

In addition to the above services, we have active contacts in the film and video production industries also and would be happy to recommend a suggestion for your project. 

Equipment List

- Modified 1978 AMEK M2000/M2500 mixing console. 24 line In, 12 Mic Inputs (8 Sowter Transformers, 4 IC based)

- Mac Pro 12 core 32 Gig RAM,

- RME Firefaces x 2 (Total 16 in, 18 out)

- Protools 11HD and plugins from Waves, Slate Digital, McDSP, Universal Audio, SoundToys, Omnisphere, SSD, Drumasonic

- Euphonix Artist Control/Transport

- Yamaha NS10M Studio Nearfields, KRK VXT8 Mains, IK Multimedia iLoud Nearfields, Sony Dock.

- 55 inch UHD LED TV/Monitor


- Focusrite ISA One

- Black Lion Auteur Mk2 x 2

- TNC ACMP84 (Neve 1084 clone)

- Joe Meek One Q

- Rogers M7 Mono Valve Pre

- Altec 4 Channel Tube Mixer/Pre

- Warm Audio WA76 Compressor

- 3 x RNC Compressors


- Aston Spirit, Origin

- Royer R88 Ribbon

- Apex (Joly Modded) Ribbon Mics x 2

- AKG C3000, AKG C451 x 2, AKG D224

- Rode NT5 Matched pair, Rode NTG-1 Shotgun

- Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun

- Beyer M88

- Shure Sm58 x 2, Shure Beta 52A

- AT Tom Mics


- 2002 Maton EBG808 Custom Acoustic (AP Mic Pickup)

- 1999 Maton EMJ625 Acoustic (AP5 pickup)

- 1970's Harmony Hollow Body

- 1970's Tempo Japanese PBass copy

- Fender Telecaster (3 pickup Mexican)

- Epiphone SG G300 Electric

- Hondo 5-String Banjo

- 1960's Moody Valve amp

- 1970's Fender Super Reverb

- 1980's Yamaha B100-115MK2 Bass Amp

- Mapex 5 piece Drum Kit

- Various beaters, mandolins, Ukelele, percussion and hand drums