Dale Willis.


Honest Crow Collective

Honest Crow Collective is a creative hub of various activities for Australian Producer/Engineer, Composer and Musician - Dale Willis. Honest Crow Studios is the production facility for Honest Crow Collective based on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. The concept was born out of the desire to feature not only his own work as an audio engineer, producer and musician, but that of other creatives he has worked with, striving to crow and make some honest creative statements among the 'noise' prevalent today.


Further to that; be it musicians, artists, film-makers, photographers, poets or songwriters, the overall aim is to provide a platform and supportive community that features some of these artisans and their best work.

Honest Crow Collective supports the concept that sometimes, the best stuff exists in the fringes.




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  • Post Audio for TV/Film

  • Sound Design

  • Music Production

    • Artist Development

    •  Composition/Co-writing

    •  Arranging

    • Recording/Mixing/Mastering

    • Session Tracks

  • Music Recording & Mixing (including E-Mixing via files sent) 

  • Voiceover Services - Narration, Character Voice, Commercial Voiceover, Podcast Production

  • Brand & Marketing Campaigns - Let us produce your next radio spot or record your next voiceover

  • Video & Digital Media Production - On request we can put you in touch with a number of professional colleagues in these areas: Music video production, film-making, photography, graphic design and layout.